Deodorant with Anhydrous Hemp Oil Pocket Size


Natural, organic, chemical free, pocket deodorant 

Stay cool and dry wherever you go with this pocket deodorant since its size makes it perfect for you to take it to that trip you have planned so much, to the gym or just to bring it with you all the time and use it when need!

Although I have known about the dangers of environmental toxins for years, I never understood the scope of this problem in our society. Environmental toxins are in almost every commercial product we purchase. Aluminum in deodorant has been a big topic for several years. Our aim is to continue to increase our line of natural, organic, chemical free products as we continue to grow.


Deodorant with  Hemp Oil

.33 oz


Hemp Oil

Arrowroot Powder

Shea Butter

Virgin Coconut Oil

Sodium Bicarbonate

Candelillia Wax

Jojoba Oil


Ylang Ylang Essential Oil



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