Define your food intolerances with the Dunwoody Test, identify your personal nutrition panel and balance it with phytocannabinoid and aromatic therapeutics

We believe science-based testing for food intolerance, vitamin deficiency and metabolics is critical to healing. Before you go forward with treatment, get the facts. We can help you find your body’s critical balance through testing to define the triggers that cause inflammation issues. Our maximum nutritional report is based on your body’s chemistry. Triggers must be identified in order to stop an inflammation reaction. We provide a variety of science-based testing for food intolerance, identifying vitamin/mineral deficiencies while determining an individual’s metabolic efficiency. We then provide a customized rotation diet to help you eliminate your inflammation triggers and begin healing from the inside out.

Find out the facts with our Dunwoody Labs tests, then move forward with appropriate treatment for optimum wellness

We use a multi-system approach to our wellness of which includes important diagnostic testing. Integrative wellness takes a multi-focus approach.

Our wholistic approach to Integrative Therapies

We believe if you know the facts of body chemistry, you will be able to help yourself or someone you love. Our wholistic approach is designed to increase your quality of life. We believe nutrition and supplementation can help heal. Our oils are batch-tested both in the United States and abroad. We are dedicated to providing the best products possible in the marketplace for our clients. Test results are available upon request. We provide Webinars to expand access to information about our products and services. To learn more or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.