About Us

Stephanie Haynes and Anneliese Clark are passionate about helping children and families with Integrative Therapy and photocannabinoid products.

Stephanie Haynes and Anneliese Clark formed the company because they personally experienced Integrative Therapy as way of supporting the body to heal and help with pain. As leaders in their field, they found the majority of families they met were experiencing less than satisfactory results and didn’t even know there were other options besides traditional pharmaceutical treatment. They believe if people could find a body balance and be aware of their pain triggers, quality of life could be increased and sustained. Together, they are moving children and adults toward better wholistic health and wellness.

Our Mission is to provide and encourage alternative options for those who choose to take an active role in their own or their children’s health and well-being


  • In advocacy to empower people to exercise their right to make their own healthcare choices with regard to prevention and treatment options vs. traditional medicine, as it is an invaluable way to promote wellness of mind, body and spirit
  • No single problem causes one pain, disability or decreased function of the body, and people need to be treated wholistically (body, mind and spirit) in order to reach maximum potential of achieving wellness of mind, body and spirit
  • In a team approach to integrative therapies and holistic approaches to avoid overuse of Rx medications in order to restore a human being to his or her full potential
  • In the need for more personalized, individualized healthcare

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