Why Living Hope Wellness Remedies and Services website?

Anneliese and I (Stephanie) are very excited to finally begin sharing the journey that began years ago when we met through her daughter Christy. It is our hope and passion that we can help others by providing education, products and our combined experiences to empower others to take charge of their health.

There is so much information and so many choices at our fingertips that it is hard for the average person to make sense of it all. It can at times be so overwhelming! Combine that with a lifestyle of stress, poor nutrition, lack of time and extreme pressure to perform, we have a generation of unfit, unhealthy and unhappy people.

We hope we can help families by offering individualized science-based testing through Dunwoody Laboratories, custom nutrition and organic natural plant based products to help maximize each individuals potential for wellness, including mind, body and spirit.

So, we hope you will follow us, enjoy our website and products and learn to take control of your families health and future wellbeing, for we are all truly fearfully and wonderfully made.